Target Customers

No more keeping notes on paper. Associates can now count on a live-feed of customers and their purchase history to reach out to the right person at the right time.

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Share Personalized Recommendations

With access to real-time inventory, associates can send customers products they're sure to love in order to bring them back to your store or drive sales online.

Measure Impact

By combining Arthur's Chat platform with transactions in Shopify, you'll know who's responsible for every sale, both online and in-store. Finally, associates can take advantage of e-commerce the same way customers do.

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Getting Started

Once you've installed Arthur's Shopify app, your associates will have access to all the info they need, in a format that's tailored to match their goals.

  • Customers are imported in the form of profiles that include tags, purchase history and contact info
  • Inventory is easily filterable and searchable based on details like stock count, size, and product category
  • Orders are displayed with images of the items, shipment status, and purchase location

Get started with Arthur on your own. For free. No demos or calls with our sales team until you’re ready — in which case we’d love to chat.

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Not on Shopify? No Problem.

Arthur also works with Magento and WooCommerce. Contact us to learn more about how to get started.

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