Increase in Store Sales
Higher Average Order Value
Faster Re-Purchase Rate

Guaranteed to Boost Customer Lifetime Value

With Endear, store associates finally have the resources they need to build relationships that result in higher, more frequent customer spending.

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In Good Company

Annie M


Endear has made it easier than ever to create high-touch, visual experiences for our customers. The tool is intuitive, user-friendly, and thoughtfully designed and working with the Endear team has also been a pleasure.

Lauren R


Endear has provided much-needed transparency into the clienteling process across all our retail stores. With access to messages, we can provide consistent feedback to our employees, which has resulted in better response rates and happier customers.

Sara M

Hill House HomE

The Endear team worked with us to create a system that worked best for our store, and our varying store employees and their schedules. Our team's enthusiasm toward customer acquisition also increased since using Endear, as they work to meet their goals each week.

What is
Outbound Retailing?

If customers aren't limited to your stores, why are your associates?

Monetize your team's downtime and increase customer satisfaction with Endear's all-in-one outbound retailing platform.

With unified client profiles, centralized messaging, and a custom lookbook generator, your associates will be transformed into digital marketers who know exactly who to contact and when.

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Menager at Complexx

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Sara William

CEO at Webflow

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Architect at Group

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