"How DTC shoe brand Margaux is using its in-store associates to drive online sales"


With powerful segmenting and filtering capabilities, your associates will always know exactly who to contact


Associates never have a dull moment now that they can dedicate off-peak hours to customer outreach


Personalized product recommendations help associates capture clients' attention & stay top of mind


Return on the cost of your Endear subscription


Response rate to associates' emails & texts


Better conversion rate than standard e-mail marketing

The old way

Before Endear

Keep track of clients with pen & paper
Send one-off messages here & there
Cross your fingers and hope customers walk in

The new way

After Endear

Target customers with real-time data
Send personalized messages in bulk
Track and optimize performance over time

Don't leave foot traffic to chance

Associates can count on Endear's suite of tools like centralized email & text, curated product selections, and omnichannel client profiles to drum up sales at all hours of the workday no matter what traffic looks like.

Join the ranks of top brands already using Endear

Associates are the best way to educate your customers in-store. Endear is the best way to get them there.